See below a sample of just a few of the different types of dies R.S. Tool Inc. has produced for punch presses

Punch Press Notch Die

Notch Punch Press Die (more info)

Punch Press Dies

Ok, so you punch and fabricate aluminum extrusions and you already have presses at your disposal. We custom design and build dies for your O.B.I Mechanical Flywheel press or Long Bed flywheel and hydraulic presses as well. Each press has a series of specifications that relate to Tonnage, Stroke, Bed size and Ram Size.

We can custom design and produce a die to match your press addressing these specifications . We match the die set and punching operations to safely and correctly meet the requirements of your particular press.

2 Station Pierce & Countersink Die

2 Station Pierce & Countersink Die(more Info)


Single Station Aluminum Punch (more info)

Serration Die to Punch Aluminum

Serration Die to Punch Aluminum (more info)



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